The Book Of Big Yawns

The Book Of Big Yawns

25th Jan 2019

Being a parent is tough. You'll all know that feeling after a long day, when the kids won't settle down to sleep. Well stress no more, help might be at hand....Aimed at 2-6 year olds, although it has … read more

I done a book

1st Jan 2019

Well I finally finished the book of big yawns and got a few copies printed. It's now for sale on this website. That's only the end story, there's a bigger tale of struggle that needs to be told.A … read more

How to be come a freelance illustrator

14th Dec 2018

Ok, this simple step by step guide is 100% successful….so far. At the time of writing, I’m the only person who has followed it and I’m a freelance illustrator. So that’s a win in my book. Like d … read more