I done a book

1st Jan 2019

Well I finally finished the book of big yawns and got a few copies printed. It's now for sale on this website. 

That's only the end story, there's a bigger tale of struggle that needs to be told.

A long, long time ago. I had no socks and couldn't afford to get my haircut. Being a freelance illustrator I find that this is quite a common scenario but on this occasion It was time to get a 'proper' job as my friends say, one that will help feed and clothe the kids. Sooo I duly got one. 

It was as painful as I imagined. But while I was there I met a bloke who had an idea for a children's book.  Unusually I thought it was a great idea, sooo the dreamer in me said "Hey don't pay me I'll illustrate the book and we'll split the millions of pounds profit we make". Then as the days and months rolled by, instead of working we'd while away the hours talking about the book.

Once we'd got all the words sorted I just then needed to start to draw it...how big? how are we going to print it?... how am I going to find the time?...what style? what colours?...what font?...how many copies?...crinkle or straight cut oven chips?...and on it went. I didn't have any of the answers and over time I just had to make decisions - right or wrong.

In the end it was decided to just make a one off prototype.  I worked on and off between real life things (births, deaths, relationship break ups, diets, toothache, happy days, sad days etc) and what nearly two years later it got printed up and cost me 50 quid!! through blurb.co.uk. It was super gloss hardback all the bells and whistles etc. think 20 of that was on the delivery.

Luckily people liked it.  Sooo we decided to do a small print run, which meant picking a book printer... This was painful too, I foolishly picked the cheapest to begin with. A proof copy arrived ... pages fell out. Then the genius in me decided to pick the next cheapest... who changed their price to the most expensive at the eleventh hour. Finally I picked exwhyzed.co.uk (nice guys and great product) - et voila the book is here!

So what did I learn from all this?

Somethings take ages.

Everybody makes mistakes. 

Don't give up. 

Everybody has times of doubt. 

Just do something - it's better than doing nothing. 

But most importantly, I learnt that crinkle cut oven chips are the way forward...oh jeez I forgot about steak cut....